Monday 13 May 2013 11:00

Price £14 per person

Come and join Jonathan Fryer for a day of exploration on the Isle of Sheppey and see a world you never knew existed. Jonathan has lived there all his life and knows the island as well as anyone.

The plan is to meet at Sheerness Station at 11 am. You may come by train, change at Sittingbourne for the shuttle train, or drive over and park at one of the car parks or find a free place slightly further away. If a few would like to combine and travel together by car lets meet at my house at 9.15.

To discover the history and development of Sheerness we will walk through gardens, along the sea front and High Street and be shown Naval developments, sea defences, a Pugin church, buildings from the Victorian and Edwardian period, the famous Battle of Britain lace and more, all on our way to our carefully selected venue for lunch: The Ship On Shore,

This pub, with its grotto constructed from barrels of set concrete, has its own fascinating story and the proud landlord, Freddie, serves “the best fish and chips”.

In the afternoon we will visit the Minster Abbey Museum and if time allows go to Queenborough and have a pint at the Queen Phillipa (yes, spelt that way) pub.

Philippa Davies

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Speaker:  Jonathan Fryer